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 Brand, Reiner
 Centner, Wolfram
 Fetzko, Bernd
 Friedrich, Gerhard
 Frotscher, Sebastian
 Gnefkow, Björn
 Gutheil, Karsten
 Heinrich, Helga
 Heinzmann, Stephan
 Hildebrand, Michael
 Kaspar, Peter
 Köhler, Max
 Kottulinsky, Freddy
 Kuhn, Manfred
 Morley, Richard
 Neuberger, Stefan
 Piutti, Richard
 Puffe, Daniel
 Rösinger, Eckart
 Schröder, Stefan
 Stark, Oliver
 Walther, Thomas
 Wöhner, Wolfgang
 Wolfram, Andy
History  Imprint
After the establishment of the association "friend circle" of the Schleizer triangle "e.V. in the year 1994 it remained very very calmly around the association and" a correct "work was unfortunately never taken up! Only the spectacular engine haven season 2002 shook here some awake, to let revive and so short hand end of 2002 decided the association new. With the "reestablishment" of the association to 14.01.2003 the switch for the today's AMC were placed among other things!

On Initinative of the friend circle in the year 2004 after 11 years into Germany again motorcycle European championship runs in the classes 125ccm, 250ccm and 600SSP were driven for the first time! The motorcycle European championship is considered as jump board and cadre kaderschmiede to the Grand Prix circus at all.

Likewise and in co-operation with the operator company "Schleizer triangle" ltd. became 2003 u. 2004 the "Schleizer triangle Classic" organizes and accomplished!

Not to forget the "rubber day" is natural on 21 August 2004! After only scarcely 6 months construction period became the Existens of the "Schleizer of triangle" with the building of a "clip" as far as possible secured! The organization and execution of the "re-opening" of the "Schleizer of triangle" was an initiative of the friend circle.

2. Leg of the today's AMC forms "Mars-retainingto-stops" e.V. Officially based to 18.11.2001, the history of this association hands however back into the year 1968!

With 35. Schleizer triangle running performed that at that time 18-jaehrige Peter stops for the first time its service as a distance observer at the Heinrichsruher mountain. Post was referred still in a ditch and the distance was surrounded at that time at both sides closely by forest.

1999 succeeded then to the team members Stefan Beck, Sandro Lucke, Lars and Sven stop at the jump completely above: to the formula 1. Since then is the troop with the most important engine haven events at the Saxonia ring to find Nuerburgring and at the Eurospeedway Lausitz. Since 2001, 33 years after the first beginnings, finally also again at old effect place: the Schleizer triangle. But local club Naila under the sporty line of our friend Richard Heller, a large applies for our partner, the General German Automobile Association thank-beautifully.

On 30 September 2004 the Marshal team fused stops e.V. with the friend circle Schleizer triangle e.V. to the automobile and motorcycle club (AMC) Schleizer triangle e.V. in the General German Automobile Association.

By the local club membership in the General German Automobile Association Hessen Thueringen e.V. can organize and accomplish the AMC now own engine haven vents at the Schleizer triangle.

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