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The section Classic Racing

The idea is already in place since 1990. To make racing with classical racing vehicles on a classical racetrack experience. It is often so, ideas are the one thing, the implementation is the other. We should look back. In the last years of the GDR, the voices getting louder, not just old motorcycles and automobiles to cherish and maintain. It was also important historic racing cars and bikes tn maintain, and show the interested spectators.

In those years was always in the beginning of May, the central spring training on the Schleizer Dreieck. The former race director from Schleiz, Mr. Gerhard Elschner said the idea was feasible, and it was established the section of classical racing in Schleiz! As the presentation races were the races mainly driven by motorcycles. With the german unit found the evenness races, as an evaluatable basis, even on the Schleizer Dreieck feed. Large classes and fantastic sport. But for the many spectators it was realy difficult, they had no idea who has won now. Usually, a spectator sees a race and can by its statistics an monitoring at any time see who the winner is. That is motor sport.

One time jump. At the end of the 90th, the men around Graham Boothy with the IHRO came to the Classic events to Schleiz. And now it looked like it could go: Classical with Pushing-start and after each race immediately a winners ceremony. Great!!! Excitement on the Buchhuebel. But as I said only two classes could be seen. But this should also go with sidecars or with other classes. Unfortunately at first did nothing, altough the sporting achievements and the courage in this first Buchhübel corner skilfully to go inside and the quickness all the enthusiastic spectators.

In the newly formed AMC was the idea of classical racing in Germany to eatablish from the outset important. The section Classic Racing was founded.

A sidecar class AMC Classic Sidecars with the categories 1;2;3 and two solo race classes AMC Classic + Post Classic (Solo racing motorcycles) have arisen. At the AMC Classic Grand Prixes are in partnership with the race series IHRO, grab the flag and the three AMC race classes now 11 races with classical vehicles to experience on the oldest still busy racetrack in Europe.

On this page will evolve over the time, a wealth of past and present reflect. And specifically to the idea to drive races with classics in Germany.

If you are interested in a working, whether in sports or in the organizational sense, or to give ideas! Contact is necessarily desirable

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